Oriental Medicine is a gentle and effective treatment option to eliminate disease, reduce pain and restore health.  Specific treatment options are determined by honoring the patient’s preferences and responding to the results of a full body evaluation.  These time tested approaches to healing promote a long, healthy, energized life.

Relaxing, invigorating, calming and energizing!  Acupuncture brings the body into balance, supplying individual needs to restore optimal health.
Physical pressure applied to specific points on the body to stimulate the body’s internal regulatory system.
Chinese herbal medicine
Herbal teas, balms and patches used to treat illness, balance digestion, relieve pain, revitalize and nourish the body.
Tui namassage
A form of Chinese manipulative therapy to bring the body into balance

Restorative exercises  
(Qigong) - low impact exercises designed to treat specific diseases or conditions, boost energy, improve mobility and circulation and promote longevity.
The insertion of fine needles on the body to stimulate specific points for pain relief and therapeutic purposes.

Dietary therapy
Adjusting nutrition to maintain health, treat illness and create vitality.

Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine

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