Ellen is passionate about inspiring others to move from surviving to thriving by bringing balance to mind, body and spirit through conscious wellness. After a near death experience and the trauma of a life-altering car crash, she was unexpectedly called back to her life purpose of serving others through the natural healing arts. While her body healed from a broken neck and damage to her spinal cord, she felt compelled to search for answers about the very reason for her existence, the purpose of her survival, and what she was meant to do with the incredible second chance she had been given. Grateful for the skilled medical care she received, Ellen needed to reach beyond conventional therapies to heal her spirit. With the support of a gifted healer she found within herself the answers she sought, along with the resilience and determination to reclaim her authentic life. Today, Ellen is a compassionate and comprehensively trained aromatherapy educator and practitioner.  Recognized for her unique blend of abilities, Ellen writes and consults for one of the  leading and most respected aromatherapy providers in the U.S.  She offers inspired conscious wellness education focused on the mind/body/spirit connection, its impact on our health. Ellen believes in whole-person, wellness-based care unique to each individual. She is experienced in supporting those who have faced traumatic illness or injury, chronic conditions, and long-term stress. Ellen is a licensed therapeutic bodywork practitioner with intensive training in energy medicine, holistic aromatherapy, and holistic health coaching. She is also certified in reflexology and transformational healing workshops. Ellen received her undergraduate degree from California State University, Long Beach and her graduate degree at DePaul University in Chicago. 
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