Andrew Werner, RPT

1985-1987 Nursing School; Warsaw, Poland
1987-1991 Master ins Science:  Physical Therapy; Coursework in Rehabilitative Services and Physical Therapy Academy of Physical Education, Faculty of Physical Therapy; Warsaw, Poland

Andrew Werner focused his keen interest in helping people by beginning his career in nursing school.  As his training progressed, he began to realize that he was developing holistic ideas about health care and redirected his career path to physical therapy.  This, in turn, permitted him the ability to fully pursue his vision of providing total holistic health management and education for his patients.

Andrew's philosophy is based on the ancient Greek physician, Hippocrates, who became famous for approaching each patient with the concept that within each patient resides three main physicians:  The physicians of quiet, diet and happiness.  Simply put, this philosophy recognizes the body's ability to maintain (or improve) health when these three aspects of the body and mind were nurtured accordingly. Andrew believes modern holistic healthcare providers should be in partnership with the body's natural healing abilities and present patients with an active responsibility in their personal healthcare.

As a provider, Andrew spends quality time with his patients and takes pleasure in empowering people through education in self care including; nutrition, sleep, habits and physical mobility.  His 25 years of experience include hospital, outpatient clinic, nursing home, and home health visiting therapist.

In his free time, Andrew enjoys varied outdoor activies from sailing and white water rafting to tennis and scuba diving.  A gentle soul, Andrew is comfortable chatting away an evening with friends.
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