Alliena Post, LMT MA 42423

Proudly following family tradition, Alliena served in the United States Navy and experienced many vocations before becoming a massage therapist.   Earning her license to massage in 2005, Alliena realized two goals:  To simplify her life and to find a calling; a job she loved and one in which she could still serve, emitting positive energy and looking forward to each day.  Alliena likes to share a saying her father used, replica hublot that rings true with her:  “I’m fortunate to get to go to work and not have to go to work.”

Born to a military family in Barcelona, Spain, Alliena has lived in several places before settling in Florida.  Perhaps this experience has given her the intuitive nature that presents itself with each massage.  Alliena believes the connection between mind and body to be a strong force and tailors each massage with what she feels her client’s body needs.

Together with her four legged bestie; Cinder, Alliena embraces a range of activities.   From socializing with friends to curling up with a good book she approaches life with positive energy and an open heart.

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