Dr. Elizabeth Pulawski blends traditional medicine with integrative practices to treat the whole body.  Aspects of the patient's lifestyle, habits, environments, hobbies and exercise are considered.  This exploration teams Dr. Elizabeth with her patients to investigate all factors that influence health including the mind, spirit and community.  

  Experience the full benefits of a family physician with the additional advantage of integrative medicine.
  • Full Service Medical Doctor
  • Management of Chronic Illnesses (DM, HTN, COPD, Osteoarthritis, etc.)
  • Comprehensive Physicial Examinations (18 yrs. old and up)
  • Blood & Urine Tests
  • Medicare Annual Wellness Visit
  • Routine Gynecological Exam
  • School & Sports Physical (18 yrs. old and up)
  • Removal of Benign Skin Lesions (Radiofrequency Procedures)
  • Nutrition & Weight Management
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