I’m thanking PTA Le Anne for working with me to strengthen muscles, improve balance and reduce ankle swelling. Through programmed exercise and massage I’ve experienced improving balance, reduced pain in my knees and more energy. This is an on-going process that Is extended and reinforced through home exercises. I appreciate the tranquil environment and individual, personalized instruction.

Barbara Sallee, Bradenton, FL
Returning to Florida in January. Was treated last year while wintering and n the sunshine state. Have been continuing treatments in Iowa and now need to continue in Florida!!! Love that’s I will be able to under the care of Mind Body Soul!!! Such a wonderful experience!!!!

Jane Else, Holstein IA
I have found Alternative Therapy to be a warm and comfortable place to work on healing. The staff is both professional and personal. For the last two months, I have worked with the PT and the osteopathic practitioners and have found the treatments tailored to my personal needs and see improvement in my pain. The treatments are a process, so I expect to see more progress in time
as I receive more treatments and continue to put the skills I’ve learned into practice. I very much appreciate the help I have received.

Barbara Sallee, Bradenton, FL
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