Andrzej is very knowledgeable at what he does. He is all about helping to get in touch with your inside. Osteopathic manipulation is a great way to healthy way of life.
Thank you, Andrzej.

I have been seeing Andrej for a couple years off and on now I would highly recommend him. I heard about him through my husband who was seeing and I had a terrible problem with my neck and I tried several avenues and my husband said why don’t you go to Andrej he is really good. So I Made an appointment and he was able to give me relief from my neck pain for a couple of months, I couldn’t thank him enough. He has taught me that through meditation and excerises I could help heal myself from inside out. It’s been a journey that I’m so thankful I have been taking and I will continue to take with Andrej. Everyone in the office is so nice and if you want to feel better I highly recommend you take the journey with alternative therapy

Mary powell, Bradenton, fl
I would like to leave a very special review. Andrzej is a one of a kind person. I have never met anyone like him and have been a patient for years. He has been a blessing and more than anyone could ask for. He cares deeply about his patients. This is the type of care few can provide. Thank you Andrzej and your amazing team.

Krystyna Roman, Cortez
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