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 Medicare Insurance Accepted
We are pround to add Dr. Elizabeth Pulawski to our family at Alternative Therapy.  Meeting our patient's needs and exceeding personal care has been our mission since 1990.  Working in tandem with traditional medicine to provide our patients with ultimate health is our goal.   We believe our collaboration with Dr. Pulawski will fulfill a community need while expanding our continued commitment to whole body wellness.
In our ever-growing area it is becomming increasingly difficult to find a physician who is accepting new patients, is accessible when needed (when you are sick) and will spend the time to really get to know their patient.   Alternative Therapy hopes to return to the days when your physician asked about the kid's or grandkids. The kind that remembers your name, calms your fears and assures you with their professional experience.  That kind of doctor is Elizabeth Pulawski, M.D.

Elizabeth Pulawski, M.D.
Elizabeth Pulawski, M.D. has 3 decades of private practice experience in family medicine.  Centering her practice on Senior Wellness, Elizabeth taps into her nurturing spirit and supports their needs with whole body treatment and house calls when needed.  She embraces the words of R. Tagore as her life's creed:
"I slept and saw that life was joy. 
I awoke and saw that life was service
I acted and behold; service was joy."

This joy is apparent in the quality time she spends with each patient.  Getting to know them as a person with a home, family and varying lifestyles.  Dr. Pulawski promotes natural treatment and focuses on prevention, often augmenting traditional care with other, alternative therapies.  Dr. Pulawski believes spending time with each patient is not "old fashion doctoring" but the only way to bring patients tot ehri best possible health and well being.

What does having a physician at Alternative Therapy mean for you?

Simply phrased: Comprehensive Healthcare
  • Integrative Family Physician
  • Full Service Medical Doctor
  • Blood and Urine Testing
  • Routine Gynecological Exam
  • Physical Examinations
  • Sports and School Examinations
  • Skin Tag and Benign Skin Lesion Removal (Radiofrequency Procedures)
  • Hassle-free Referrals
  • Nutrition & Weight Management 
  • Management of Chronic Illnesses

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