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Here is what our patients are saying...
"I am still walking and living alone, although 15 years ago, before I met Andrzej, I was told that would be impossible. Because of Andrzej, not only am I active, involved and having fun, I've been told I'm a nicer person. The world is a better place because of Andrzej and Alternative Therapy."  Sara S.

"Caring and professional. I visited Dr. Elizabeth Pulawski and had a great experience and my treatment is going well. She took the time to listen to what I was going through. She then explained different options and addressed all of my questions and concerns..." Matthew R.

"Thank You to Andrzej and Natalie for restoring my broken body to health! The team here can really make a difference for you also..they are the best at what they do."  Charlie B.


Are you ready for a pain free body?
Alternative Therapy offers the only Traditional Osteopathic Therapy on the Suncoast.  Combining this hands-on therapy with pioneers in the field of physical therapy, acupuncture, massage and yoga allows us to offer you a brand of matchless healthcare.  As a patient, you will receive a personalized assessment and treatment plan, unique to your needs.  Truly committed to improving your quality of life, each practitioner at Alternative Therapy works in tandem to encourage a strong body and robust health.  There is absolutely nothing routine about our therapies or how they are administered.   

We have no assistants at Alternative Therapy, so you will not be "handed off" to a less experienced associate.  Each appointment will find you spending the entire allotted appointment (and sometimes longer) with your therapist. We take personal responsibility in the healing process of each and every one of our patients.
Choose Alternative Therapy when...
  • You are suffering pain for any reason, in any point of your body
  • You have been told there is nothing else to be done for you
  • You wish to improve the state of your health and quality of life
  • You want to strengthen your body and improve your balance
  • You want to improve your emotional outlook
  • You want to practice balance in your healthcare

Alternative Therapy can teach you how to balance traditional healthcare with alternative treatments and map your journey to optimal health and well being.

The goal so often surpassed at Alternative Therapy is "return to normal function".  The patients who complete their therapy with us experience better body mechanics, overall improved health and suffer less from stress and its negative effects on the body.  We provide our patients with tools and education to maintain (or continue to improve) their health.

Become empowered!
Alternative Therapy is Bradenton, Florida’s foremost wellness clinic for safe and nurtured healing. 
We treat the entire body.  We treat every body!  Come to find relief from:
  • pain
  • chronic pain from muscles
  • osteoporosis
  • parkinson's
  • neck pain
  • injuries
  • arthritis
  • joint replacement
  • back pain
  • emotional trauma
  • migraines
  • cancer and side effects of treatment
Working in tandem with your doctor, our professional therapists offer a variety of treatment options, placing you in control toward your goal of optimal health.
The practitioners of Alternative Therapy pledge to address and diminish symptoms, increase energy and strengthen the spirit in each and every patient; whatever the ailment. We practice honesty.  If we are unable to improve your condition, it is our policy to refer you to a provider we believe can. 
Did you know……
Every cell in your body is programmed for healing?
Poor body mechanics, unconscious habitual movement patterns, negative thought patterns and self-limiting beliefs can inhibit the cellular programming that HEALS YOUR BODY!
Reprogram your body!
The therapists of Alternative Therapy provide education and natural remedies that can transform your mind and body. We offer many natural, drug free, methods of stimulating cellular healing and we are confident we will find the right match for your unique needs to reach optimum health.
Convenient & Local
Alternative Therapy is a family owned practice who's staff have worked together for over 17 years.  We have patients who come from all over the world to experience our care.  Fortunately for most of our patients we are just off I-75 and exit 217 - convenient to Sarasota, Anna Maria, Palmetto, Parrish and Lakewood Ranch. 
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