Myofascial Acupuncture - A therapeudic recipe for Health

We all know that Acupuncture is a gentle and effective treatment option to eliminate disease, reduce pain and restore health.  Specific treatment options are determined by honoring the patient’s preferences and responding to the results of a full body evaluation.  These time tested approaches to healing promote a long, healthy, energized life.

Myofascial Acupuncture Defined
Myo - Muscle         Fascia - Connective Tissue

Fascia is the binding and supporting tissue that is woven throughout the body. Fascia attaches, stabilizes, imparts strength, maintains vessel integrity, and separates and holds the muscles, organs, and bones in their places. Fascia has the tensile strength of wire rope in its configuration as tendons and ligaments – and when organized into a crystalline matrix, fascia creates the window we call the cornea of the eye.

The supportive integrity of fascia is such that it will restructure to accommodate changes in the body. Remodeling from its original blueprint, fascia can deviate from its original holding patterns in response to injury, aging, surgery, and poor posture. This fascia restructuring may help for a short time, but the continuous nature of fascia means the whole body is affected and stressed by being held out of balance, even if on the surface it seems to be only in a small area.
Fortunately, fascia can be manipulated to release the body so it can return to proper alignment.

How it Works

Myofascial Acupuncture not only releases old fascial holding patterns, but it also helps to balance the basic physiologic functions of the whole body. Acupuncture is a way of talking to the body, reminding it of how to get back into homeostasis (optimal functioning).

Eloise both diagnoses and treats; first with massage, priming the channels with the myofascial work, and then uses the acu-pins to open the surface tensions and coordinate organ and hormone functions. Each session is 90 minutes.

Eloise developed Myofascial Acupuncture from her background of 30 years as a massage therapist and 20 years of practicing acupuncture. She went to the Tri State College of Acupuncture in New York, where they taught Acupuncture Physical Medicine. The pathways on the surface of the body called meridians [or channels] correlate to the organs and their function. By treating the outside, the inside gets treated as well.


Relaxing, invigorating, calming and energizing!  Acupuncture brings the body into balance, supplying individual needs to spped healing and restore optimal health.

Just as in conventional acupuncture, the main side effect of Myofascial Acupuncture is improved sleep. Other common side effects are better digestion, less anxiety and deeper breathing. Patients often state they feel as if they have received a full body massage together with a very specialized acupuncture session. Most importantly: the pain that you have been told “you just have to learn to live with it” can be reduced or eliminated.

Myofascial Acupuncture and traditional acupuncture can be used to treat any illness or injury.  From the common cold to high blood pressure, these methods are pain free and widely successful.


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