The skilled hands of Alternative Therapy’s licensed massage therapists practice a wide variety of massage styles designed to treat specific ailments by reducing pain, improving mobility, relieving depression and enhancing rest and relaxation. Massage therapy is provided as part of physical therapy to enhance our patients’ response to treatment. Alternative Therapy provides massage therapy on a “by appointment” basis as well.

Bamboo-Fusion® Massage
(Our Signature Massage)
Created and taught throughout the world by our very own Nathalie Cecilia, Bamboo-Fusion® is a massage that is quickly gaining international recognition for its therapeutic and restorative benefits.  Smoothed to a silken sheen, the bamboo sets are warmed and lubricated with skin specific oil or cream; providing uniform pressure and  a supremely luxurious massage.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage: Post Liposuction/Lymphedema
This massage concentrates on the lymphatic system to reduce sweling in affected areas.  Using long smooth strokes, our certified lymphedema therapist imulates movement of the body's muscle tissues whose job it is to drain waste and excess fluid from the system.

Swedish Massage
Using five styles of long, flowing strokes this massage improves circulation, reduces pain and joint stiffness.

Deep Tissue Massage
Designed to relieve severe muscle tension this therapy is recommended for relief of consistent pain from over exertion, athletic or other physical injuries.
Ah-shiatsu Massage
A simple therapy allowing the energy system of the body to re-balance improving immune system functionality, promote wound healing and revitalize the body’s natural healing capabilities.
Thai Massage
Practiced fully clothed on a floor mat or chair with no oils or lotion, this technique stretches muscles and improves energy.
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Massage Therapy

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