Or, did you let the weather keep you away?  Your body needs movement, especially on days the weather keeps you from going outside for your exercise!
Long legs, short legs, big legs & little legs will all reap huge strengthening and flexibility benefits from yoga classes in February!  Brook will be centering on asanas that energize and improve the condition of the legs.  From arthritis to Parkinson’s,  from hip to ankle; the classes will certainly give your body and your yoga practice a powerful “leg-up” !
Class times:  
9:00 – 10:00 Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday                         
10:45-12:15  Saturday 
For more information Call 941-727-1500… or better yet; bring those legs to class!
NOW AVAILABLE at Alternative Therapy!
Watt-Ahh with it’s unique crystalline-like molecular structure contains a reservoir of electrons that work with the body’s own cellular mitochondria, to boost energy and health!
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