I began treatment for an injury received in a fall I had taken. From the onset of treatment I was comfortable, felt cared for and special, making tremendous progress without undo pain. I not only learned to deal with the physical pain, but emotional pain and stress, something I will have with me and practice for years to come. This is a beautiful, warm, caring place to come and I was blessed to be recommended to this practice.
Thank you for all you did and continue to do for me!
DOrthea Quinn

Dorthea Quinn, Lakewood Ranch, Florida
Thank you to Andrzej. He was helpful in easing my neck pain in a very specific but gentle way, and in providing guidance for how to move forward. I recommend him to others.

Y Morgan, Nebraska
I first came to get treatment by Ellen Teeter, AP for low energy and being out of balance. Her treatments have gone far in addressing my issues. They have improved my mood and patience with others and with my own condition. I have MS and it is easier to handle without resorting to strong emotional reactions.

Acupuncture would be of equal benefit to others. The nice thing is that it addresses the overall health of the individual without necessarily being symptom specific, although it can address specific symptoms

I find Ellen to be a good listener and diagnostician. She is very empathetic and provides just the right treatments.

Although I had prior acupuncture, I didn't know what to expect when I started with Ellen. This has been a more intense and individualized treatment that has yielded greater benefit than my previous experience.

I'm greatly appreciative of the treatments I've received from Ellen and the staff at Alternative Therapy. Good vibrations there

John Martin, Bradenton, FL
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