Dear Andrzej,
Thank you for all your help and healing that you have given Peter and I through your gentle manipulations. In this world of sorrow and pain, you give so many hope!

May God continue to bless you in your profession

Lucille, Sarasota, FL
This has been the most wonderful experience. Nobody had an idea I could get better so fast. I am just thrilled with how I’m feeling. I had pain every time I walked on my leg. I had to use a cane and a walker. Doctors said to visit an orthopedist, but I came to Andrzej. I came to the office using a walker. After a few visits with Andrzej, I was able to get by with a cane. Now I am walking without any assistance. I feel wonderful and recommend Alternative Therapy to anyone with physical Problems.

Doris, Bradenton, FL
Dear Andrzej,
I want to thank you for your concern about my feet. I know it comes from a true & caring place &that your intention was not simply to hurt or worry me.
I am torn right now about what to do. I want to dance (& my teacher is pushing me to get as good as I can, as fast as I can), but the danger in my feet, especially the right one, worries me & sometimes I think you are right, that I should at least slow down.
Your work has helped me so much already (& your insight & advice has also helped me) Believe me, I am truly wrestling with my passion to dance versus the concern I feel over my possible tired feet.
Don't feel bad that you had to be the one to tell me something difficult. I appreciate both the concern and the warning.

Reva, Sarasota, FL
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