Talking about Stress......cant sing the praises enough about the Benefits of acupuncture......Dr. Ellen is just so very knowledgeable and kind.
Feeling wonderful.......cant wait for another treatment.
And what a nice place to be.uplifting atmosphere .♡♡♡♡

Helga Reuter-Runyon, Sarasota county
My doctor surprised me in 2015 by recommending Andrzej when I complained of non-specific pain which had been diagnosed years ago as fibromyalgia. I didn't credit him for advocating alternative practices, yet he said, "I don't know how, but Andrzej's methods work." So began a journey that transformed my life from pain and anxiety to a new physical and spiritual health. Along the way I met Ellen Teeter who helped me regulate my metabolism and, incidentally, drop eighteen pounds.

Last summer I had to confess I was not winning a growing battle with hip-joint pain from inflammation. I'd visited Washington DC and was almost too crippled to enjoy the all-day walks my husband and I were accustomed to taking. I put myself in Ellen's hands and started acupuncture. By December, when I returned to D.C. for a "museum pilgrimage" with a friend, I wasn't sure how prolonged urban hiking would go, although my hip pain had disappeared and flexibility had returned. I was amazed and delighted not only to be able to gallery walk all day for four days straight, but also to keep up with my long-legged son and young friends.

This Bradenton oasis of health now has my loyalty, as my 62-year-old life continues to grow into a holistic balance and pain-free vitality that I haven't experienced since youth, if ever. I'm no longer on anti-depressants or any medication. I also know I have advocates in Renata, Ellen B and Brook, who are genuinely concerned for my well-being and create a warm and welcoming, even nurturing, atmosphere. I hope more people discover new life through this therapy center.

Wendy Marble, Bradenton
I first came to Andrzej years ago for neck pain. As I knew that he was educated as a physical therapist, I expected some exercises, stretches -- a few sessions to fix up my neck and get me back to my routine. My acute neck pain did indeed disappear, but I gained so much more than that. Andrzej truly is gifted. Drawing on training in a variety of methods, he combines his knowledge and experience into a unique treatment. The best way that I can describe the benefit is that I have an improved overall sense of well being when I see Andrzej for maintenance visits. Working with the whole staff is really a pleasure.

Valerie, Bradenton
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