Wonderful people
Since going to Alternative Therapy I have
Been feeling more in control of my stress
And a sense of peacefulness that I have not
Experienced before.
I have also been doing yoga once a week
With their yoga instructor and feel much
Stronger physically, emotionally, and
I can’t say enough great things about
My experience with Alternative Therapy

Judith korn, Bradenton
Ann: my experience with Ellen was fantastic. She helped resolve a lingering issue with my finger in one treatment.

Rolf: I went to Ellen for treatment of an ear infection. Ellen's acupuncture treatment and counseling gave me an overall feeling of well being which helped to clear up the ear infection.

Rolf and Ann
Le Anne seems to really know her stuff!!
She is very good at helping to alleviate sore muscles and in showing one how to do the right exercises to improve at home.
5 stars for her and Alternative Therapy!

Gerry Palmer, Sarasota
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