LeAnne is a wonderful therapist. For my specific needs, she answered my questions and schooled me on what I need to do when at home.

I’m happy with the entire staff.

Rene , Braden Run
As always , a visit to Andrzej was an excellent , very helpful experience.

Urszula Sufleta, Sarasota
I had a cough for over two weeks and Ellen helped me so much with only 1 treatment. She really took the time to listen to me and asked me all kinds of questions. After the acupuncture treatment, she went over the chart on her computer and explain to me which organ meridians were and were not in balance. She also gave me some herbs to take and some taping exercises. I went to bed last night without coughing and today I feel amazing. Thank you Ellen for your help, you are amazing.


Nathalie Cecilia, St petersburg
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