I've enjoyed many very favorable experiences with the Alternative Therapy team for about a decade. Each provider is exceptional within their field of expertise ... I encourage you to discover their gifts and find the comfort you are seeking.

Nancy , Palmetto Florida

A visit with Andrzej @Alternative Theraphy today,will make for a wonderful weekend.no pain and wonderfully relaxed..soon,i will go several times a week,to fix all the ailments,
accumulated over too many years

Helga Reuter-Runyon, Sarasota county
Talking about Stress......cant sing the praises enough about the Benefits of acupuncture......Dr. Ellen is just so very knowledgeable and kind.
Feeling wonderful.......cant wait for another treatment.
And what a nice place to be.uplifting atmosphere .♡♡♡♡

Helga Reuter-Runyon, Sarasota county
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