The Alternative therapy team is number one in guidance and healing practices.I came to this group to deal with late effects of cancer recovery.I am cancer free but had a persistent cough , and pain and was not sleeping much and body extremely stiff. I was very pale. All their wisdom led me down a path that says "When you lose all sense of self the bonds of a thousand chains will vanish.You have to lose yourself completely,return to the root of the root of your own soul" I am now experiencing less cough ...less pain can breathe better and sleep has been restored. Everything takes time. I have so much gratitude for what I have now.It is more than wonderful. Some days I am Like A wobbly rock but will continue to do my therapy with this team.. I will stand up and let the music ring out.

Yvonne, florida
When I came to Alternative Therapy for the first time I was in constant pain, barely functional and I thought I was too old to ever feel any better. Boy, was I wrong! Andrzej and his unique brand of therapy gave me my life back. After the very first visit I felt so much better I forgot my cane! I had been using a walker at home, now I am walking, pain free and on my own two feet. I am able to attend yoga (oldest student in class) and I regularly attend acupuncture treatments and massage. They have everything I need under one roof, including my doctor; Elizabeth Pulawski, M.D. The entire staff is professional and caring. I would highly recommend this clinic for all that ails you!

Francesca, Bradenton
I have been a patient at Alternative Therapy for over 2 years. This wonderful group of professionals are like family. During the time I have been working with Andrzej, I have been able to reduce the
medication, regained strength and improved my overall health. I would highly recommend them to anyone who suffers from chronic
pain, or is recovering from surgery or any medical procedure. It is a peaceful caring atmosphere from the moment you enter until you leave.

Jan Dammer
Alternative Therapy
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