It's always great to be greeted by Brook when walking in. Dr. Pulawski is absolutely my fave, even my brother and sister-in-law are seeing her now. We all love her!!!!

Loretta Terpstra, Bradenton, FL
Ellen helped decrease severe hot flashes after only a few sessions. Thank you, Ellen and Alternative Therapy for the outstanding care!

I want to take a moment to praise the skills of my fellow acupuncturist Ellen Teeter. It's said humbly because Ellen has been practicing much longer than me and is a model organizer for our profession in Florida and, by extension, the United States. While visiting the other day - to pick up the gift of a towel warmer she hasn't been using - she offered to treat my back on the fly. I was really suffering from wrenched lower back/upper hip muscles that day, struggling even to walk. Ellen's thoughtful use of cupping, acupuncture and Tuina massage made an immediate difference and helped put me on a more rapid road to recovery. The acupuncture felt gentle but effective ... the gold standard. Thanks Ellen, the Heart and the years of experience really show!

Josh, Bradenton, FL
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