Le Anne Strange is a Physical Therapist who has devoted her
energy and time to the study and practice of P.T. As a result, she
is excellent at a hands on manipulation of many ailments,which
are common and rare in this Stress filled world. She has been
successful at alleviating my muscle and joint pains which is no
easy task with cervical dystonia. I thank her for the comfort
she provides.

James O. Bermel, Sarasota
The clinic is a great place to come for any medical, and physical need.
The doctor I saw is very professional, understanding of patients.
Doctor Elizabeth Pulawski is also compassionate.
Just the right person to help you, calm your anxieties.

Barbara Zasowski, Bradenton, FL
I had been suffering from severe and very painful neuropathy in my feet after chemotherapy which kept me from sleeping at night, caused extreme pain if I bumped my toes, and significantly affected my balance. Thanks to Ellen Teeter and Accupuncture, my neuropathy is now mild; I no longer need any medication for the pain or to help me sleep; and my balance is normal again! She has also helped relieve chronic neck pain and headaches. I love that she addresses the whole body and not just the symptoms. I can’t thank you enough Ellen!

Michele, Bradenton
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