Thank you Dr. Pulawski for joining Alternative Therapy. You have completed care of all my medical needs.

Sherry Fideler, Bradenton
Over the weekend I experienced a sciatic attach which left me unable to walk without a great deal of pain. I was unable to go to work. This issue is a long time one and will take a number of days to totally turn around. LeAnne gave me a treatment which eased the pain to a manageable level. Alternative Therapy is my first choice for medical service. The staff is very pleasant and offer options other than pharmaceuticals. I don't know what I would do without them.

Sherry Fideler, Bradenton
My healing has been a very long journey and this would have been my last step before surgery. I truly believe that I have found a place that has everything I need to avoid the “knife”. Andrzej is excellent at helping anyone who is ready to put aside what you have ever believed about healing the body naturally.
I made a choice to follow what Andrzej is teaching about healing my body by ridding the mind of toxic thinking. It is a new journey for me and I recommend you try it before giving up on yourself.

Dorothy Biery, Bradenton
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