My daughter took me to see Dr. Pulaski.I am a 85 year old woman.The staff greeted us the minute we walked in.They also offered us something to drink ……… very hospitable.The Dr saw me right on time .Not only was she pleasant and nice but very thorough..She spent nearly a hour and 1/2 with me.I highly recommend Dr.Pulawski and her wonderful Staff .

Beverly Ervin , Lakewood Ranch
I am so glad to have been referred to Alternative Therapy by my daughter!!! The attention that Dr E. Pulawski has given me makes me feel that my health and well being is important!!! Thank you so much for evaluating my issues and guidance to becoming healthier each day!!!!!!

Jane Else, Bradenton, FL
The staff (Brooke) and Dr. Pulawski (MD) handled my medical problem in a most professional and efficient manner.

Dr. Pulawski demonstrated the kind of diagnosis ability, knowledge and bedside manner that I have not experienced from most every doctor I have seen over my many years.

I highly recommend Dr. Pulawski and Alternative Therapy.

Linda Cleary
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