Several months ago Dr. Brainard referred me to Alternative Therapy to help with my back and spine issues.

I just completed my sessions with Andrzej Strzalkowski on Monday June 12, 2017. I am not cured, nor never will be cured but, his total self approach with me has improved my well being a great deal. My balance is greatly improved. My fear of falling is almost gone! I am now able to walk outside just over 1 mile daily! He also helped get me over my severe grief after I lost my Hank after 68 years of marriage. His whole body wellness approach has made me a better person!

I am so grateful my doctor sent me to Alternative Therapy. I highly feel many others will benefit at Alternative Therapy because I did receive pain relief and a well being feeling about myself.

Warm Regards,
Fran Schlusemann

P.S. I also received the very best massage of my life from the staff member; Nathalie Cecilia!

Fran Schlusemann, Bradenton, FL
Andrzej Strzalkowski is a very gifted physical therapist. It begins with his uncanny ability to diagnose quickly, with a glance at the back and perhaps a light touch of the hand on the shoulders, where blockages are causing pain and distorting posture.
He then pin-points precisely the suspected location, and with a gentle re-positioning of perhaps the legs, perhaps the knees, perhaps the sacrum, he holds the body in that position for a minute or two. Often I can feel an internal energy release, a flow that reduces the previous stiffness and pain. Sometimes it is simply a light laying on of his hands that brings about these internal releases.
The results of this firm but gentle treatment? Diminished pain in this late eighties body, and the ability to stand much straighter than before. Each visit has been well worth the trip from far-south Sarasota to Alternative Therapy up north in Bradenton.
Everett Gendler
Great Barrington, MA; Sarasota, FL

E. Gendler, Great Barrington, MA; Sarasota, FL
I've enjoyed many very favorable experiences with the Alternative Therapy team for about a decade. Each provider is exceptional within their field of expertise ... I encourage you to discover their gifts and find the comfort you are seeking.

Nancy , Palmetto Florida
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