I have been going to Alternative Therapy for about 3 months. The quality and difference of the treatment I receive there compared to other physical therapy practices I have experienced is really remarkable. Andrzej knows the human body and can effectively treat the problem area. In fact, he is able to discern problem areas that you could be unaware of. You leave feeling so well you can’t wait to go back. I highly recommend Alternative Therapy and the services they offer to include yoga, massage and acupuncture.

Christine Herpst
Just starting with Andrzej, very positive experience, looking forward to further appointments. Wonderful environment, most kind people, very personal approach, don't feel like "just another patient" total focus on the person, would highly recommend.

June Hertenstein, Bradenton.
Andrzej is my miracle worker! I had arrived for physical therapy with two bad knees and as a result, my whole body was affected. I could hardly walk; I was in constant pain and feeling miserable. After assessing my condition, Andrzej advised that I see him several times that first week. After the first two sessions; I felt 50 percent improved. My pain had decreased and I could walk with ease; feeling so much better. His unique technique addressed my whole being, thus, surpassing any physical therapist that I had previously seen. Each successive visit showed improvement, not only in my physical condition, but also in my attitude. I felt good about myself and my progress.
I highly recommend Andrzej’s alternative approach to physical therapy. His knowledge and skills are superb and he provides his patients with caring, individualized attention. After beginning each day with a smile, I enthusiastically look forward to my daily activities.

Eileen B., Bradenton, FL
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