I had submitted a review when I first began my acupuncture treatment with Dr Teeter and I was enthusiastic at that time. As my treatments have continued I feel compelled to update my review to now include what a miracle worker DrTeeter is! My continuing treatments with her have made a difference I never thought could be possible for my issues. Thank you Dr Teeter and thank you to the amazing staff of Alternative Therapy.

Donna Terzian
Very good visit with LeAnne! Good information and help. Thank you!!

Mary DeJiacomo, Bradenton
Alternative Therapy has a calm and relaxing atmosphere with very helpful and professional staff who have expertise in many areas.

I am now continuing treatment and guidance from Andrzej. I have benefitted from improvement in overall strength and well-being because of his unique skills and experience. I’m looking forward to building on this progress with more sessions.

I also appreciate the physical therapy exercises I’ve done with LeAnne and the lymph work and targeted home exercises she has provided.

Barbara Sallee, Bradenton
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