Lee Ann is wonderfull and very knowledgeable about how the different parts of the human body work together. I've only seen her a few times and I already feel better. She is hands on, unlike a lot of physical therapists who give you an exercise, tell you to do 20 repetitions and move on to someone else. She will also show you how to do the right exercises. I highly recommend her.

Debbie R., Bradenton
I was very surprised to get such great results from one acupuncture treatment with Ellen. I went in feeling fatigued, achy , sinus pains and bloated . I left feeling energized , and had no pain anywhere . Ellen said my circulation was very congested and slow and after her treatment My bladder was full .. I weighed myself before i went and when i came home i had lost 2.6 lbs of water, I felt light and i had no swelling in my feet’s and fingers and I could breathe and my back had no pain. I’m hooked :)

Eileen Antonelli
Andrzej is very knowledgeable at what he does. He is all about helping to get in touch with your inside. Osteopathic manipulation is a great way to healthy way of life.
Thank you, Andrzej.

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