I first came to Andrzej years ago for neck pain. As I knew that he was educated as a physical therapist, I expected some exercises, stretches -- a few sessions to fix up my neck and get me back to my routine. My acute neck pain did indeed disappear, but I gained so much more than that. Andrzej truly is gifted. Drawing on training in a variety of methods, he combines his knowledge and experience into a unique treatment. The best way that I can describe the benefit is that I have an improved overall sense of well being when I see Andrzej for maintenance visits. Working with the whole staff is really a pleasure.

Valerie, Bradenton
Dear Andrzej and Renata,
Thank you for everything. Andrzej, thank you for being my crutch and listening about my problems. You help me about my problems. Thank you for pushing harder on my goals and giving me water.

Renata, thank you for helping me up when bell rings when I'm on the table and bringing me water when I'm done. I would come back to you if I need help again. You are nice, patient and have compassion for people.
In his love,

Laurie, Bradenton, FL
Dear Andrzej,
I want to thank you so for once again fixing what I thought would NEVER give in. You are truly very gifted, and I cannot sing your praises any more loudly, but I'll try!

And thank you Renata for squeaking me in a day earlier, it was kind and I know you recognize an emergency. You are special people and if I can repay you in any way, maybe tak a beautiful portrait of the two of you on the beach, or anywhere, I'd be happy to. But, please don''t stop helping. Your gift is far TOO important!
All my very dearest thanks!

Lucy, Sarasota, FL
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