I was very surprised to get such great results from one acupuncture treatment with Ellen. I went in feeling fatigued, achy , sinus pains and bloated . I left feeling energized , and had no pain anywhere . Ellen said my circulation was very congested and slow and after her treatment My bladder was full .. I weighed myself before i went and when i came home i had lost 2.6 lbs of water, I felt light and i had no swelling in my feet’s and fingers and I could breathe and my back had no pain. I’m hooked :)

Eileen Antonelli
Andrzej is very knowledgeable at what he does. He is all about helping to get in touch with your inside. Osteopathic manipulation is a great way to healthy way of life.
Thank you, Andrzej.

I have been seeing Andrej for a couple years off and on now I would highly recommend him. I heard about him through my husband who was seeing and I had a terrible problem with my neck and I tried several avenues and my husband said why don’t you go to Andrej he is really good. So I Made an appointment and he was able to give me relief from my neck pain for a couple of months, I couldn’t thank him enough. He has taught me that through meditation and excerises I could help heal myself from inside out. It’s been a journey that I’m so thankful I have been taking and I will continue to take with Andrej. Everyone in the office is so nice and if you want to feel better I highly recommend you take the journey with alternative therapy

Mary powell, Bradenton, fl
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