Just had an appointment with Dr. Elizabeth Pulawski. I made already a couple visit in the clinic of Alternative therapy where Dr Pulawski is part of. Ever since I saw her for the first time, I immediately convinced myself, based on her thorough medical inspection process , that she became my ultimate choice as my primary physician. I like her level /intensity of communication between me as her patient and her as the professional medical advisor. If needed - a prompt plan for medical action is initiated by her- obviously with my cooperation.- with just a few words of my opinion- Dr. Pulawski is the one, I was looking for at least 15years, after loosing my previous physician while residing in Wisconsin.

Marek Gawalek, Sarasota FL.
Dr. Elizabeth Pulawski...I am fortunate to find an experienced family physician. She inquired, listened with compassion and wisdom, diagnosed, provided a written treatment plan. My office visit was reminiscent of my hometown doctor when I was a young woman. Personable and comfortable. Grateful to have Dr. Pulawski guide me through my later years of life.

Patricia, Sarasota
LeAnne is a wonderful therapist. For my specific needs, she answered my questions and schooled me on what I need to do when at home.

I’m happy with the entire staff.

Rene , Braden Run
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