I started Physical Therapy a few weeks ago.Lee Anne Strange has been working with me .Not only is she professional but she’s very sweet .We have a good laugh ,but she won’t let me sleep.(Inside joke).She doesn’t play around.You best do what she tells you to do the very best you can.I highly recommend Alternative Therapy.. It’s a great place and everyone there is so welcoming .I give them a 10.

Beverly Ervin, Lakewood Ranch
The entire staff at Alternative Therapy is exceptional.They are very nice and personally come out to introduce themselves..They even offer you a drink . Dr.Polwaski is very thorough and spent over a hour and 1/2 with me .She is exceptional. Leanne ,the Assistant Physical Therapist is very personable and very good with her hands . The Office is pretty and welcoming.They have some of the prettiest orchids that I ever seen .I highly recommend Aternative Therapy

Beverly Ervin, Lakewood Ranch
I have never been in such a beautiful office.It is relaxing and decorated beautiful.Shortly after being there I was offered something to drink from one of the staff members .The Dr. Came out to personally greet me. The Dr is a sweet lady .She’s extremely interested in getting me better .I have a new family Dr.,Dr.Polaski is a wonderful Dr.She spent over a hour with me and was completely thourgh. I go to Physical Therapy twice a week and it’s great because it’s in the same office and the Physical Therapist knows what she’s doing

Beverly Ervin, Bradenton,Florida
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