I suffer from an autoimmune disorder and painful bouts which massage often helps relieve. Nathalie does a wonderful job targeting these bothersome spots. She is caring and professional.

Janice K, Bradenton, FL
I have tried many things to help with balancing my stress to keep it in check. Andrzej and everyone in his office were my answer. They bring peace, well being, and a proactive natural way to heal. Their office is a very important part of my life. Thank you all for your dedicated service to all!

Christrine Wood, Bradenton
Wonderful people
Since going to Alternative Therapy I have
Been feeling more in control of my stress
And a sense of peacefulness that I have not
Experienced before.
I have also been doing yoga once a week
With their yoga instructor and feel much
Stronger physically, emotionally, and
I can’t say enough great things about
My experience with Alternative Therapy

Judith korn, Bradenton
Alternative Therapy
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