Full disclosure. I provide acupuncture treatments at Alternative Therapy, but its not always easy to give myself a treatment. I was having lingering back pain with a toothache feeling down the back of my thigh. Andrzej's treatments are amazing. Thank you

Ellen Teeter, Bradenton
I suffer from many physical ailments but am limited to certain treatments. I get more relief and positive outcomes from massage than anything else I’ve tried. Alliena and Nathalie are both excellent at what they do. I recommend both for massage.

Jan, Bradenton
My first experience with Alternative Therapy was 7 years ago. I was suffering from lower back pain and stress connected with anxiety. Andrzej Strzalkowski is a wonderful therapist who helped me to restore my balance and reduce and ultimately eliminate the pain. The whole stuff is welcoming and proffesional. Everytime I visit Bradenton I make sure to get a treatment from all therapists. Ellen Teeter helped me with sleep issues through acupuncture and herbs. The Bamboo Fusion is something extraordinary and I have had a lot of different massages from around the world but this is the best experience ever. The last but not least are yoga classes with Brook Longobardi who showed me how yoga can teach you proper body mechanics and peace of mind on and off the mat. I hope I mentioned everyone on the whole team. Thank you Alternative Therapy! I will be back for sure!

Maria Kania, Warsaw, Poland
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