A very positive and lasting experience at Alternative Therapy! Very professional, educational, warm and welcoming and valuable ... can’t thank Enje and “staff/family” enough!

Becky curtin, Bradenton, Florida
My husband and I absolutely loved our visit to Alternative Therapy and if we lived in Bradenton we’d definitely be regular patients! Nathalie is a top notch massage therapist and her bamboo fusion technique was absolutely amazing. Ellen, at the front desk was very helpful and welcoming! We can’t wait for our next vacation to Bradenton!

Kris , New York
I have been visiting Alternative Therapy for help with various physical and neurological issues. After many tests and office visits, a neurologist simply told me that there was no apparent cause for the widespread numbness I was experiencing and I should come back to see him if it got worse. I began to investigate other care options and found Andrzej Strzalkowski through a referral. After the first visit with him, I immediately began experiencing positive results. He intuitively connects and takes his time with you, treating the mind, body and spirit - a very different approach from my previous care.

On a whim, I decided to try a private yoga session with Brook Longobardi, their certified yoga instructor. I have a rare congenital hip issue and osteoarthritis, along with resulting body compensations so I thought it was possible I wouldn’t be able to do many poses. Brook showed me that anyone can do yoga. Within a week after that first session, I was stronger than I have been in years and I have continued to experience improvements both physically and mentally. What I thought would be one session turned into several because Brook intuitively works to understand me as an individual and has shown me that I am capable of so much more than I ever imagined.

My symptoms have greatly subsided and my overall wellbeing has improved immensely since the first visit. The people at Alternative Therapy have not only helped with my physical healing, but have also helped create a positive shift in both my mind and spirit. The staff and physical space provide a comforting, caring, soothing environment. I am so grateful for the care I receive at Alternative Therapy and highly recommend them to anyone in search of improving wellness to any degree.

Dianne, Bradenton, FL
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