Another appointment, another successful treatment. Good to know that even aging, arthritic bodies can be helped to relaxation, which in turn ........turns off the pain, allowing healing to start taking place.

There is Physical Therapy and then there is Alternative contest, Andrzej is the best....

June Hertenstein, Bradenton, Fl.
Five years ago, I thought my life was over. My heart was failing, my arthritis and other problems limited what I could do. I couldn't even sweep a floor. I used a walker to get around the house. When I complained to my orthopedist, he suggested additional physical therapy. Oh no! Not more pedaling to nowhere and other boring routines! He handed me a two page list of therapy locations. I glanced through the list and tossed it on my desk. Several weeks later, after continued pain and frustration, I decided I had to do something.

I picked up my list and one particular item caught my eye, near the top of the list: Alternative Therapy. I had never heard of it, but what really caught my attention was the address, which was not far from my home and I was tired of driving long distances for appointments. I decided to stop in and check it out. To my surprise, it was a very homey atmosphere and NOT A MACHINE IN SIGHT!! As I stood there, I knew this was the place! I have not been disappointed. I have been going to Alternative Therapy ever since.

The staff is wonderful. Andrzej Strzalkowski is a gentle, masterful manipulator of the body and firm believer in meditation. Nathalie provides wonderful massage therapy, while Ellen Teeter, a Doctor of Oriental Medicine provides acupuncture and herbals. Brook Longobardi is attentive to each person's needs and abilities as both a wonderful yoga instructor and office manager. Last but not least is Sparky, a mini Poodle who is the friend of everyone.

Finally, I'd like to share my experience with Alternative Therapy. I hobbled in with my cane for my first therapy session with Andrzej. Afterward, when I reached my car, it was then I realized I hadn't needed my cane and had to go back to retrieve it! Haven't used it since.

Each of their therapies continue to improve my strength and quality of life.

Francesca, Bradenton, FL
Once again going home from Physical Therapy feeling so much better than when I got there.....what a superb therapist Andrzej is...

If you are looking for a physical therapist, this is the place...the people, all kind and caring , you will be glad your came...

June Hertenstein, Bradenton, Fl.
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