My sessions with Andrzej Strzalkowski are always wonderfully therapeutic and restorative. He pinpoints any problem, without any input from myself. He is a “miracle worker,” for lack of a better description.

Thomas Zellars, University Park, FL
Each time I am in Florida, I receive an osteopathic physical therapy treatment from Andrzej Strzalkowski, RPT and Bamboo-Fusion massages from Nathalie Cecilia, LMT. I have been unable to find any other therapists who relieve my back pain and other health issues, so completely. I travel often. Whenever I am out of town, I can not wait to get back to Alternative Therapy and their incomparable care. I recommend this wellness clinic for any person who is suffering from any kind of pain. The atmosphere is unique and relaxed, the staff is welcoming and helpful. Rather than the feeling of a clinic, I feel like I am visiting a friend. Add a visit to Alternative Therapy to your schedule...your body will thank you.

Krystyna Roman, M.D., Cortez, Florida
The office is very comfortable and their team of professionals are top notch!

Letechia Shevik
Alternative Therapy
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